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The Eco City – International Campus Wünsdorf is a specific solution for the great challenges of the 21st century: climate change and mass migration. It is the world’s first ecological model city and is designed as an international laboratory, education and training city.
The Eco City is a cellular ecological city organism whose inhabitants are producers and consumers at the same time. They use renewable energies, local water and nutrient cycles, cradle-to-cradle technologies for durable and recyclable products, and consistently sustainable mobility solutions.

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February 19, 2020

ECO CITY in der Süddeutschen Zeitung

"Gemüse statt Granaten." Die Süddeutsche analysiert die Bedeutung der ECO CITY für den Standort Wünsdorf unter Einbeziehung seiner wechselreichen Geschichte. Prof. Ekhart Hahn geht auch auf aktuelle Herausforderungen vor Ort…
January 6, 2020

ECO CITY in der lokalen Presse

"Ekhart Hahn will Projekt aus Nachhaltigem Investment-Sektor finanzieren." Gegenüber der Märkischen Allgemeinen Zeitung erklärt Ekhart Hahn: "Es gibt zur Zeit viel mehr Geld für den ökologischen Umschwung als Projekte da…
December 18, 2019

Infoveranstaltung der ECO-CITY Wünsdorf

Am Samstag dem 30.11. war es endlich so weit: das Projektteam der ECO-CITY Wünsdorf begrüßte mehr als 70 Interessierte zur Informationsveranstaltung ins Forum Berufsbildung. Zunächst hielt Projektinitiator Ekhart Hahn einen Vortrag,…



When Ekhart Hahn told me about the Eco City - International Campus Wünsdorf project, I was immediately enthusiastic. This concept, with its visionary power as well as its concreteness, went far beyond what I had previously known. For the first time in this project I encountered topics of which I had previously heard individually and in an unconnected fashion, integrated and thought together.
So I decided to work on its realization. Not as a politician, city planner or expert, not as an actress, but as a responsible fellow human being: If we really want to take responsibility for our future, it should be like this!

Eva MattesGerman Actress

I wish very much that this project succeeds - as an important milestone
on the way to a hopeful future.

Wolfgang Thierseformer President of the German Bundestag

I support the project 'International Campus Eco City Wünsdorf' because it offers convincing answers to the urgent questions of our time. How can we design our settlements in such a way that they are both human- and climate-friendly, near-natural and resource-friendly? How do we have to operate in order to promote regional value creation, recycling and public interest? And, let's just say it pathetically: How can mutual learning on a global scale be so successful that it serves world peace? In short, the Wünsdorf project is pretty much the kind of real laboratory we so urgently need today.

Prof. Dr. Reinhard LoskePresident of the Cusanus University in Bernkastel-Kues and former Senator for Environment and Construction of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen












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