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In order to preserve our planet, we must address the global problems. Not in theory, but in practice. Not tomorrow, but today.

Prof. Dr. Ekhart HahnProject initiator and chairman of the board

Initiator of the project Ekhart Hahn, initiated already national and international research projects, developed theoretical and conceptual foundations for a new ecological urban development and led model projects – from a single building up to a new ecological urban-rural development. For 20 years he has also taught this future task as a university lecturer at various national and international universities and colleges.

When over 1 million refugees came to Germany in 2016 as a result of climate change, wars and destroyed habitats, our government reacted rather helplessly – while both the UN and the World Bank estimated the number of refugees worldwide at over 70 million. Many felt called upon to make a contribution. Ekhart Hahn, with his knowledge and experience of a new ecological urban development, felt particularly challenged in this situation.

The Eco City – International Campus Wünsdorf is a visionary project that responds to these challenges and at the same time is a step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed on by the United Nations in 2015. It gives us hope that we have already won many people as supporters and sympathizers for the project.

As development progressed, more and more renowned experts, researchers, artists and other drivers of social change became enthusiastic about our project. This also includes numerous committed interns from various disciplines. In our project, they all recognize the potential for a forward-looking contribution to solving climate problems, flight causes, the preservation of our planet and peaceful coexistence.


icec wünsdorf e.V.

Sixtusgarten 3
10965 Berlin

The following board was elected at the general meeting of icec e.V. on June 25, 2022.

Prof. Dr. Ekhart Hahn (Chairman of the board)

Brigitte Rohde

Johannes Pfister

Find our current charter and the current contribution regulations of the association here.

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  • Foundation minutes PDF
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founding members

Prof. Dr. Ekhart Hahn

Author and head of the project; founder of settlement ecology and ecological urban redevelopment; trend-setting model projects for ecological urban and neighbourhood development and a new sustainable urban-rural development.

Joachim Böttcher

Terra Preta-Pionier, agrarian ecologist; board member of the foundation ``Lebensraum Mensch Boden Wasser Luft``; co-initiator of the ``Kompetenzzentrum Boden, regenerative Landwirtschaft und Landnutzung``.

Winfried Brenne

Expert for energy-efficient restoration of listed buildings; buildings from all eras as well as national and international UNESCO World Heritage projects.

Frank Alva Buecheler

Migration activist and artist, involvement in refugee projects in the Middle East and Berlin, founder of FREEARTUS - artists and refugees united for freedom.

Rolf Disch

Visionary of solar architecture and ecological settlement planning, construction of the first plus energy house ``Heliotrop`` and the solar settlement Freiburg Vauban.

Prof. Herbert Dreiseitl

Artist, freelance landscape architect, globally active interdisciplinary urban planner. His works in the field of urban hydrology are considered groundbreaking.

Joachim Eble

Pioneer of ecological and integral planning and building; realises trend-setting sustainable architecture, urban quarters and master plans at both domestic and international level.

Andreas Foidl

Visionary business economist with well-founded commercial and real estate expertise; development, start-up and support of value- and public benefit-oriented projects.

Bashar Hassoun

Co-founder of Lawrence Cultural Center for artists with and without refugee experience; numerous projects with partner organizations in Syria and Lebanon.

Andreas Krüger

Passionate city maker, communicator, moderator; supports municipalities, civil society actors; owner in the realisation of public welfare oriented spatial use strategies.

Carole Sambale

Sociologist and expert for intercultural understanding, peace-building communication and conflict prevention with a focus on development cooperation in West and Central Africa.

Ina Schacht

Expert for visual communication; catalyzes projects in the field of education, migration, culture; talent for organization and coordination; head of the association's office.

Insa Winkler

Environmental and art activist, founder of Social Land Art to explore the human-environment relationship; design of ecological landscape concepts.



Prof. Dr. Ekhart Hahn

Professor for ecological urban and spatial planning

Brigitte Rohde

Ex-entrepreneur in the field of clinical research, quality management

Johannes Pfister

Co-Founder and President of the non-profit cooperation ThinkCamp

team and support

Donia Hamdami

Prof. Maik Hosang

Ulrich Raschke

Ulrich Raschke

Christin Thoma

interns & volunteers

Right from the start, the project is supported by numerous committed interns. Currently Eco City is not offering internships. Those who would like to support us can become a member and/or stay up to date with our newsletter.

Joaquim Alves de Lima I Vepa Amansaryyev I Pauline Beck I Josephine Braun I Johann Drünert I Sherouk Elsheshai I Toril Meyer-Gerlt I Josephin Haardt I Thomas Haas I Maxim Höllein I Lotte Langer I Zora Ott I David Schaller I Jakob Schmitz I Steffi Sommer I Lilly Untner I Roxanne Vierhaus I Hannah Vogel I Lara Lohkamp Fabian Fleckenstein I Anna Noe Christin Thoma I Josefa Skalisi I Martin Güdelhofer I Jonas Kohl I Hermann Paulenz I Paul Pape I Tino Sambleben


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