What happened? What steps are we taking to move the project forward? Browse through our logbook to find out how we are gradually implementing Eco City.


  • Intensification of the climate crisis and one million refugees in Germany: The project idea is born.


  • Development of the project concept and choice of the former military town Wünsdorf as location
  • Geomancy seminar under the direction of UNESCO Ambassador Marco Pogacnic
  • Semester project of the correspondence course “Architecture and Environment “of WINGS- University of applied sciences Wismar
  • First public project presentation in the Literaturhaus Berlin


  • Establishment of an interdisciplinary core team

  • Development of the urban design draft

  • Conducting interdisciplinary expert and creative workshops
  • Opening of a project office


  • Foundation of the association: internationale campus-eco-city Wünsdorf e.V.

  •  Public stakeholder dialogue and presentation of the project idea in Wünsdorf and Zossen

  • Presentation of the project in the coordination committee of the district Teltow-Fläming

  • Exhibition on the state of planning of the project in the Lawrence Gallery in Berlin-Mitte with various accompanying events

  • A generous private donation creates opportunities to professionalize the project


  • Creation of brochure, website and materials for professional public relations and fundraising
  • 02.06. Stand at the 24th environmental festival in Berlin
  • 13.06. First press conference on the Eco City Wünsdorf in the gallery LAWRENCE Berlin
  • 29.06. Inspection of the Eco City project area in Wünsdorf
  • working groups on feasibility studies and evaluation of possible alternative locations; fundraising for further investigation of key topics, workshops and the development of a partner network

2020 and outlook

  • 14.01. Lecture and discussion at the Akademie der Künste as part of the event series “On the Duty and the Power of Architecture
  • 04.02. Invitation to an interview with the local advisory council in Wünsdorf
  • 11.03. ECO-CITY under discussion – Citizens’ Dialogue in Wünsdorf
  • Creation of political acceptance and support at local, regional, federal and EU level up to international organizations

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