What happened? What steps are we taking to move the project forward? Browse through our logbook to find out how we are gradually implementing Eco City.


  • 27. -28. 04 – Presentation of Eco City at the polis Convention in Düsseldorf. The fair for project and urban development takes place annually with accompanying congress. Different industries inform and discuss about innovations and change among others in the field of urban development. Eco City was in the category “Think about it! On the relevance of inspiring educational landscapes” with the presentation “Lernort Eco City – Neue Formen der Integration von Stadtentwicklung und Bildung”, which was prepared and held by Prof. Dr. Ekhart Hahn.


  • 15.02. Virtual meeting with Dr. Christan Ehler (MdEP), EU deputy from Brandenburg. In a detailed dialogue with Ekhart Hahn and Michael Th. Omilian, the possibilities of placing Eco City in the EU initiative for the “European Bauhaus of the 21st century” were discussed.
  • 15.03. Virtual meeting with Dr. Ruth Reichstein (EU Commission), presentation of the Eco City project by Ekhart Hahn, and exchange of opinions about the possibilities to participate in the EU initiative “European Bauhaus of the 21st Century”, as announced by the President Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen.
  • 21.05. Submission of the application for the “New European Bauhaus Prizes 2021” of the EU Commission.
  • To demonstrate how a climate-friendly future quarter can look and which role new vocational training concepts play in this context, a model study was developed by industrial engineering students in cooperation with Eco City using the example of a new railroad station quarter in Wünsdorf-Waldstadt.
  • In the meantime, an on-site office in Wünsdorf has been rented on a donation basis for the development and implementation of a local participation strategy.
    The Association of German Engineers (VDI) chooses Eco City as a module partner for a new national education program.
  • Preparation of a cooperation agreement with the internationally active company ECOVIS for the preparation of a feasibility study for a short- and long-term realization of the Eco City project and the purpose of the association as defined in its statutes.


  • 14.01. Presentation and discussion at the Akademie der Künste as part of the event series “On the Duty and the Power of Architecture
  • 04.02. Invitation to the presentation at the local advisory board in Wünsdorf
  • 11.03. ECO-CITY in dialogue – citizen dialogue in Wünsdorf – creation of political acceptance and support at local, regional, federal and EU level up to international organizations.
  • 06.04. Signing of the LOI for the cooperation between the Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e. V. (GPM) and icec e.V. Objective: To make the complex overall project Eco City more comprehensible and thus realizable. Collaboration with the experts of GPM and Eco City currently working on the definition of a suitable project portfolio with clearly distinguishable programs and projects and a powerful project management office.
  • 03.06. A group of visitors of GPM visits the “Forbidden City“ in Wünsdorf. Here first real insights could be gained, how the development of the ECO-CITY-project initiative can be continued.
  • 08.06. Start of cooperation with project managers of GPM
  • 06.09. Kick-off event ECO CITY in the context of the exhibition “urbainable – stadthaltig“ at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.
  • 03.10. General meeting in Berlin – election of the new board of directors
  • 04.10. Visit of the “Forbidden City“ in Wünsdorf with club members
  • 02.11. Foundation of the working group “Local Team Zossen/Wünsdorf“. Our association members Sieghard Auer and Peter Bartsch are contact persons for local participation, contacts to administration and politics, institutions from the economy, associations and clubs
  • Continuing our contacts with the state government, relevant institutes, Brandenburg and Berlin Chambers of Architects and investors, among others
  • 30.11. Berlin – Letter of intent with the BDB (Association of German Master Builders, Architects and Engineers)
  • 09.12. – Meeting with the Ministry for Infrastructure and Regional Planning, (MIL) Brandenburg


  • Creation of brochure, website and materials for professional public relations and fundraising
  • 02.06. Stand at the 24th environmental festival in Berlin
  • 13.06. First press conference on the Eco City Wünsdorf in the gallery LAWRENCE Berlin
  • 29.06. Inspection of the Eco City project area in Wünsdorf
  • working groups on feasibility studies and evaluation of possible alternative locations; fundraising for further investigation of key topics, workshops and the development of a partner network


  • Foundation of the association: internationale campus-eco-city Wünsdorf e.V.

  •  Public stakeholder dialogue and presentation of the project idea in Wünsdorf and Zossen

  • Presentation of the project in the coordination committee of the district Teltow-Fläming

  • Exhibition on the state of planning of the project in the Lawrence Gallery in Berlin-Mitte with various accompanying events

  • A generous private donation creates opportunities to professionalize the project


  • Establishment of an interdisciplinary core team

  • Development of the urban design draft

  • Conducting interdisciplinary expert and creative workshops
  • Opening of a project office


  • Development of the project concept and choice of the former military town Wünsdorf as location
  • Geomancy seminar under the direction of UNESCO Ambassador Marco Pogacnic
  • Semester project of the correspondence course “Architecture and Environment “of WINGS- University of applied sciences Wismar
  • First public project presentation in the Literaturhaus Berlin


  • Intensification of the climate crisis and one million refugees in Germany: The project idea is born.

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