Assuming that the development company EWZ sells the properties: will the project die?

Our personal attitude to this question is that “The idea is bigger than the Wünsdorf site”. A global network pushes the project initiation already at other locations and in other countries, e.g. in Lebanon.

With regard to Wünsdorf, the answer is that an investment for conventional real estate projects is still a risky venture. Until the expansion of the regional train station from Berlin, is there a less good connection than in the north of Brandenburg, for example, in the direction of Eberswalde. We assume that investors, should they be interested in buying the land, are only interested in land speculation, and believe that no one will really invest in the former military town in the foreseeable future, at least not until the expansion of the regional train station is completed.

If land would be sold anyway, it still would be possible to get into dialogue with investors, because Eco City, as the world’s first post-fossil city, would have global relevance for all urban sectors, and post-fossil innovations for sales markets of the future. Thus, a multiple, if not a hundredfold, of added value could be generated compared to conventional marketing as a housing location.

As a final option, the land could be bought back by the state of Brandenburg. Of course, this decision is not in our hands, however, it is feasible with sufficient public pressure.