What exactly is taught at the Eco City Wünsdorf campus?

A dual training system with theoretical and practical elements forms the educational foundation. The construction and operation of Eco City are equally part of the trainees’ learning experience. However, a significant focus is also placed on “informal learning”, which takes place through living on site and experiencing the post-fossil lifestyle in a sensual way.

In general, everything that belongs to the operation of a cellular city is taught (energy systems, water systems, aesthetics, horticulture and food cultivation, …). Multilingual teaching is planned in up to 40 training courses.

However, the exact curriculum has not been developed at this stage, this competence is missing in our association so far (if you are interested, please contact us). A network of Berlin’s creative scene, academic institutions in Berlin and Brandenburg, chamber of crafts and other actors for the development of the curriculum is currently under construction.